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Hawking & Falconry Bird Control Southend-on-Sea

Although it doesn’t immediately spring to mind as a method of bird control, the use of a hawk or similar bird of prey to deter large flocks of Pigeons & Seagulls is a simple, clean way of keeping certain areas free of flying pests. Have you ever watched the Tennis at Wimbledon? they often have a Harris Hawk (Rufus) who keeps the local Pigeons at bay.

Areas where large numbers of people, such as Concerts or Stadiums produce a lot of wasted food waste, which local birds are happy to consume (attracting even more birds), while construction or building sites offer opportunities for them to build nests and disrupt the work going on.

Natures Way Pest Control offers bird control services via the use of hawks around the Southend-on-Sea and Surrounding Areas. This includes Hawking Services in Essex, Hawk Service in London Southend Airport, Hawking in Stanford-Le-Hope.

The service is also equally effective in both urban and rural regions.

Hawking Stanford-le-Hope

The use of birds of prey in this way is very easy and straightforward. Natures Way fly the hawks through the affected area in Stanford-le-Hope a number of times over a prolonged period, educating the local bird population that the area is unsafe for them and encouraging them to find somewhere else to feed and even nest. Hawks and other predatory birds used in this way are taught to scare species that would otherwise be their prey.

There is lots of advantages using birds of prey in this way, there is nothing that has to be installed or maintained which enables the problem to be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our professional, qualified handlers have strong bonds with their birds to maintain control over them. They can schedule their visits to the site according to the customers requirements and the scale of the problem.

If you would like to find out more about using hawks and other birds of prey to keep your property clear of bird infestation near Stanford-le-hope, call us today.

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